Development of blockchain-based apps for all

If you have ever taken a programming course, you know that it can be a somewhat repetitive and even boring job, this usually decreases the levels of creativity because of the demotivation of feeling like a robot.

When it comes to the development of applications in the blockchain, the work is usually worse, complex and tedious, too many things that everyone knows, but nobody wants to do, in addition, with so many people working on the same project, with different programming languages, everything becomes a Tower of Babel.

This is clearly a disadvantage for the innovation of blockchain technology, developers of potentially disruptive apps work inefficiently and with a multitude of problems, this being a burden for the mass adoption of this technology.

This huge amount of technical problems, subtract an important amount of time –the most valuable resource– to companies and startups, increasing all the costs of the projects. In addition, the rapid advances in technology, often make obsolete the large infrastructure that companies build to be able to work with a certain degree of efficiency.

How to solve such number of problems? Luckily, Buddy already did it.

What is Buddy?

“Buddy is a blockchain application development and deployment platform, that optimizes and streamlines the development and collaboration aspects of building applications on the blockchain.”

This is not a new company, its team has years of experience and is already operational, among its partners are companies as influential as Google or Microsoft, with which it has already worked and obtained satisfactory results.

Buddy, created concrete solutions for each problem presented in the development of apps: The DevOps Marketplace, a Private Automation GRID and a Shared Automation GRID.

The DevOps Marketplace

Buddy, has developed almost 100 automation actions, which solve much of the technical problems presented, however, there is still the possibility that new problems appear, very specific problems.

To have all the problems solved, Buddy will implement a market, like AppStore, where people –developers– can share their creations –paid or free–, adding value to the service. The developers could share all kinds of creations, from improving security, testing the apps or improving the visual aspects of these, however, the possibilities are endless.


Private Automation GRID

So that customers will have full and complete control, being able to trust that there will be no security vulnerabilities or leaks of sensitive information. This network is smart because it is designed to make the right decisions at the right time.


Shared Automation GRID

Sometimes, the development of apps is usually very intense, therefore, a private network could not work efficiently on it. This is where the shared network appears, especially useful when so much security is not necessary. In the case that an application in development requires hundreds of tests, these can be done quickly in the shared network.

All these solutions are useful for both common apps, as those designed in the blockchain, however, Buddy has created specific solutions for the development of this technology: BlockchainOps, dAppOS and Distributed Blockchain-as-a-Service.


It is basically the same idea as the DevOps Marketplace, although this time, oriented to projects based on Blockchain, as this is a relatively new technology, there are not many automation actions available, with Buddy, it will be possible to acquire and trade them.


If you want to develop a dApp -Decentralized Application-, what better environment to do it than dAppOS, this is designed thinking that the creation of blockchain-based applications will be efficient, safe and with easy access to different tools that optimize the creative process.

In this environment you can perform tests and have previews of your product, it is also excellent for training in the development of blockchain applications, without having to install and prepare the environment from scratch. Another important feature is the possibility of working with templates that facilitate the work, as well as being able to acquire, buy or sell them.

Distributed BaaS

Buddy allows developers to concentrate on the important activities of project creation, being able to quickly establish new -and not so new- uses of the blockchain. With this tool, users can create a new blockchain with a single click, greatly facilitating the adoption of this technology.

With these solutions, Buddy initiates a radical change in the development of apps based on blockchain, allowing costs –money, resources, knowledge, time– to be substantially reduced, opening the way to a horizon where decentralization covers an important part of our lifetime.

Tokenization of the industry

We have talked about buying and selling within the Buddy platform, how to do it? Through the BUD token, which aims to ensure the transparency and security of transactions, as well as being key to the decentralization of the system.

Not only can you buy automatic bots, it will also be possible to acquire the advice of creative experts on the subject since not even the most advanced bot has the human creative capacity.

Another important point is the possible professionalization of the creation of bots for Buddy, as well as Android has specialized companies in the creation of applications, in the Buddy market can also be born companies responsible for the design and development of very powerful bots.




Q3 – 2016 – Launch of Buddy Beta
Q4 – 2016 – End of the Beta, First Paying Customers
Q4 – 2016 – Launch of Buddy Enterprise
Q1 – 2017 – Further development of Buddy, weekly releases of new features
Q4 – 2017 – Proof-of-concept of BlockchainOps using Buddy automation pipelines
Q3 – 2018 – Tokensale
Q4 – 2018 – BlockchainOps
Q1 – 2019 – Private Automation GRID
Q1 – 2019 – The DevOps Marketplace
Q2 – 2019 – Distributed Blockchain-as-a-Service
Q2 – 2019 – Experts Services on the DevOps Marketplace
Q3 – 2019 – DAppOS & Sandbox Template Universe
Q4 – 2019 – Shared Automation GRID

Buddy is not just a disruptive project that will simplify the complex development of apps, it will not only improve work within organizations and facilitate creativity in the teams of developers, this company is also a great opportunity to make money, as it will be the leader of a market that will reach a value of 345 billion dollars for the year 2022.


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