What kind of followers do you want to have? STEEMit

A thousand bots to make your profile look cool? Do not you think 20 real people that read and value your content are better? I know that sometimes we get carried away by appearances, but today we are going to see that it is much more profitable to have true followers than just numbers in our blog.

Remember that STEEMit is not a social network like any other, nor is it a common personal blog, it is different; therefore, we must consider different strategies to achieve that goal. What objective? Have true and organic followers.

Why? Is not the goal to be voted and you’re done? That is a short-term vision, it will serve you at the beginning, but in the long run, you will perish. This is a social network, which means that there must be an interaction to make it work, otherwise, everything will be over.

Therefore, I will share with you some small ideas that I know work, either because I have applied them on other occasions or because I have seen others do it. Although you should keep in mind, that you have to practice them constantly so that you can be successful, it is very likely that if you stop, the results will do the same.


Leave valuable comments

It will seem repetitive, yes, but it is the most effective way to build good relationships on the platform, synergistic relationships, in which both –follower and you– win by participating in the platform.

A valuable comment does not have to be to support the same vision as the author; it can be a criticism, in order to generate an enriching debate for everyone who reads that article. It may also be that the comment adds value to the post, that idea that the author lacked to add so that the creation of new content begins.

You do not have to extend to leave a good comment, but that yes, never –never– leave a: Good! – Excellent! And much less: See my blog – Follow 4 follow. Unless you’re kidding.


upVote – Find good content

Maybe you think that this is the task of the great ones on the platform, nothing is further from reality. In rough and simple words, to cure is to find good content and upVoting, given that we do not have much voting-power, we must choose wisely which content to vote for, therefore, it is an opportunity to get good people to follow or followers. But to cure, we must first get the content. How? My favorite strategies are tags, reports and discord channels.

I use this strategy for spanish content

When I am eager to read, I do a little search on my favorite labels –#engineering and#science–, I also usually check #proconocimiento (pro knowledge), since I usually find good jewelry there.

Another ideal place is one that has already been cured by another, in the curation reports you will find what you are looking for. I highly recommend those who do @bebeth@proconocimiento and @cervantes, I usually find good articles in those places.

To finish, I usually review the channel (Discord) of @reveur –you have to pay to upload your post and you have less chance of getting bad content– and some tags on the server of @cervantes.

While it is true that not all the time you will find content to cure -either because he is old or because he has many rewards-, always find good articles to read, enjoy, discuss and follow, so do not stop looking.


Participate in the communities

These are the soul of the platform and, the best place to grow, in them you will find help, advice, criticism, education, in short, the best place to learn to master this social network.

Here, the interaction is much more direct and real, therefore, you will make friends, participate in enriching activities, curations, in addition, you will discover that not only posting generates income.

If you participate a lot, you are active and talented; you can find good opportunities and generate income from this. Also, in the various conversations that you will have, maybe you can think of something to write about when you’re short on ideas.



It is the only advice that I do not put into practice –for obvious reasons–, however, it is the best one of all. One practice that I personally use is to see what the whales do and the people who have more interaction –comments, resteems– are those with a respectable voting power (unless they talk about a trending topic).

The old “follow the money” advice still works, therefore, if you have the possibility to invest money in the platform, do it, in the long run, it will be profitable and, it will offer you many possibilities in this crypto-world.


All these tips are part of something bigger: create your digital identity in STEEMit, so that the people who make a life here know you, so we will know that good content we want to read its produced by you, and a good reputation always precedes you.

Of course, there is one more thing you must do, it is something implicit: create good content, for obvious reasons, nobody will want to read plagiarism or postshit without any sense.

Remember that, although at the beginning these votes of minows seem to be worthless, they can grow, if everyone perseveres on the platform, those votes of 0.004 will become votes of 0.04 and, multiplied by 50 –to say a number– would be 2 $ for all your posts, so: What do you expect? Invest your time with intelligence.