Depressive STEEM, now what?

When we put all our hopes and efforts into one thing, we tend to have a great weakness, because we’ll depend only on “that”, also, if that pillar on which we support ourselves cannot be controlled by ourselves, things tend to be worse, because we’re practically adrift.

This isn’t something very difficult to deduce, I’m sure that you have learned it over the years. But, in case that isn’t the case, you should be experiencing it at this moment, seeing that your work doesn’t generate the same amount of benefits as a few months ago.

And I, like many others, put my effort and effort in this platform, generating extra income with the creation of content; however, I made the mistake of not “diversify”.


I don’t think we’ve got the thousands of dollars to make the value of STEEM rise, but we can continue to value the support of this –content– despite its price, we’ll be rewarded, not by much, but in the long term, it’ll be a good investment.

In addition, we have before us a great opportunity, to take advantage of the lack of people, that is, with such a low price, many leave the ship, but good communities are left, therefore, we can make ourselves noticed more -or make a new community-, so that when STEEM is revalued, we have some recognition or “reputation”, something that can give us many opportunities.

However, not everyone has the possibility of making this investment of time, because if we are here it is not for the love of art –at least I don’t–, but to generate benefits. Therefore, we must look for other alternatives to earn our bread.


In my case, I’m still looking for and testing, I’ve bought and sold some things, I’ve worked on platforms like Spare or Hive, I’ve participated in a variety of airdrops… in short, the consequences of having been too comfortable with STEEMit months ago.

Although I found a way to generate something extra, very good, it’s called Lit, it’s an app, intuitive and, it’s not a fraud, however, because my camera got damaged, I couldn’t use it anymore, but I recommend it.

And now what? Keep looking, working and studying, for now I’m trying to use STEEMit in my favor, since this platform allows me to learn english and be remunerated for it, besides, I firmly believe that this is a door to the world of crypts, therefore, I hope to learn to work skillfully with them.

Remember, don’t leave STEEMit just because the prices are low, give yourself a time, look for other things, but don’t be discouraged and, if you can, invest your time here, since you’ll get profit later.