My top 5 Wii games

When I was younger and knew the concept of the Nintendo Wii, I was very excited, at that time it seemed like Chinese magic that the TV could guess what I was doing with the controls, so I did what I could to get one.

I achieved my goal or… at least that’s what I believed for a few hours. My uncle bought me a “pirate” version that was nothing more than a bad imitation of the original, with SNES games, it was very sad at that time.

I got over it to the days and, about one or two years later, my mom bought one for the house, I must admit that it was not so exciting, I was more a PSP-boy at that time, however, I had a lot of fun with it.

This console I relate more with my family since we used to play together in it, so I did not have many opportunities to try individual games or those frenetic and exciting that I like so much.

Among the video games that I enjoyed the most, I can name the following:


Mario kart

I think one of the purposes of video games is competition, what better way to compete than a car game? Especially because we had the steering wheel where the control went and everything was a little more “realistic”.

It’s not that the graphics or the gameplay were excellent, but it served its purpose: it was fun. For what I believe was one of the most played video games.


New Super Mario Bros

This is a great game, if I had fun with all the previous ones, why would not I do it with this one? It was even easier to pass, at least here you could save your games.

This video game was funny, because even my mother wanted to play it, not only had to fight with my brothers to play, but with other adults as well.


Wii Fit

Not that we were fans of the exercise or something like that, the balance board was included with the console that we acquired, therefore, we had to play it. However, it was not boring at all, it is not a common video game, but it is very funny, especially when there are people to compete.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I remember that I had never heard of the game before, I was curious to know what it was about, especially because of that name and cover so strange that it seemed that they had put all the video game characters in a blender.

I was not wrong, it was like a blender, but very funny, there was a lot of action and, since we could play several at the same time, the fun multiplied.


Just Dance

I have never been a fan of music or dance, however, who do not have fun with this video game? Because I still do it, especially in a meeting or party in which nobody remains without dancing.

The Michael Jackson edition is especially remembered, as I always liked the music of the king of pop and, “supposedly” to dance like he, was cool.


I regret not having enjoyed this console more, I was very prejudiced and at that time I was more attached to other games, I could have enjoyed Legend of Zelda, but I always thought it was a bad videogame.

Even though our Wii got damaged, I hope to be able to repair it soon, so that I can enjoy the multitude of titles that I missed.