Profession vs. Business

Have a good profession, does the wealth guarantee you?


Not at all, that is almost impossible in our time, today we must strive for our business, which is something very different.

Is not the same? Maybe if a doctor works in a clinic, is health your business? Not at all, this does not bring benefits to him, but to the owner of the establishment, who then pays a salary to the professional, but a negligible salary with respect to the profits of the company.

Are you noticing the difference? Another clear example is that of Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s, who in an anecdote tells:

I’m not in the hamburger business, I’m in the real estate business.
Source: Rich Dad Poor Dad. Author: Robert Kiyosaki

Surprising, is not it, but if we all know that his company is the biggest hamburger seller in the world, his business should be: hamburger or franchise seller, but no, that is his “profession” very different from his business, I’ll explain why.



The profession is the activity for which you must study, learn, and then apply it to something productive that brings benefits to a third party, and he gives you a salary, the important characteristics of the profession are: you must be present so that everything can work and everything what you usually generate will end up in the hands of another. For example:

You are good at writing, you start at Steemit, you have to do a daily post, interact, read and vote, in short, a job that requires a good part of your daily attention if you want to be successful.

An engineer studies about 5 years to obtain certain skills, then he must work in a company or doing his own designing plans, carrying out projects, among other similar things.

An app developer must learn to program and then write the code of the program he wants to perform, working for a company or freelance.

A salesperson must have certain communication skills to be able to go door to door to offer a product, service or business and convince people to give their money in exchange for it.

In short, many examples, we can say that this is the most common activity that is done in order to generate money to live, however: Are these types of people the wealthiest? The vast majority don’t, and those who are must work excessively throughout their lives and pay an abusive amount of taxes.



Like the profession, for business you should study and have an understanding of what is being done, knowledge even more difficult to acquire because it is obtained with experience. The main differences between both activities are that in the business you don’t have to be present, it works without you, besides -and more importantly- all the money that this generates is yours.

“You need to be creative, but you do not have to invent lukewarm water, if you can enter a business where you know there is a market, great.”

For example, you are a secondary school teacher –your profession–, you want to be independent of your salary, so you go out to research and collect information on the street, you see that there is not enough transportation to a certain area of your country, so you decide to use your savings and a loan to buy a bus –your business–, hire a driver and take it to the city terminal.

With the benefits that this gives, you start to take courses in accounting, finance and vehicle maintenance –study, acquire knowledge–, you buy another vehicle, work more to manage and study the business while at the same time carry out your full-time job.

The work pays off, you decide to buy another car and with the daily profits you can pay someone to manage your business, you’re retiring, you get your pension and apart you have the income of your business.

That’s the difference, you work for your profession, instead, your business works for you. I could name other examples as an electrician who buys houses in very poor condition, he arranges and rents it, a blogger who turned his site into a great influence on the network and has other people to write for him or anyone who enters to the stock market.


Can we start a business with the help of Steemit?

Of course! I am a person who believes a lot in saving, and if I am investing my time in this platform it is because I hope to raise some capital, I know I will not get much, but enough to at least buy some things that will serve me for something that I have in mind.

Much more important, I have the conviction that I can achieve great things (with perseverance of course), ideas and excellent companions of which I am sure they will be great partners.


Concluding with the example of McDonald’s, Ray says that selling franchises is his profession, is what he knows how to do and always did, but his business, which makes him a rich man, are the properties where his premises are located, it is always the better positions in the city, spaces that are worth a lot of money.

In short, will you work for another’s business? Or you will take charge of your own business?, think about it, I do not think you want to get to your retirement depending only on the pension and paying theft taxes.

I hope that my words motivate you to be an entrepreneur, do you think to live only from Steemit? If so, take it seriously and invest wisely here, otherwise, go making key decisions to start your business off the computer. Thanks for Reading.