Do you know what Chauvinism is?

My country is the best in the world, although I have never left it. We have all heard those kinds of phrases, “We have the most beautiful women in the world”, “We are the richest country on earth”, they have told us so much that we come to believe them without reason, it is true and already.

Does this make sense? Is that exacerbated nationalism that is implicitly taught in our countries, is it positive? Today I would like to talk about this topic since it affects us much more than we think, and if we accept that these “feelings” are not positive for us, we can find solutions for some problems that seem to never end.


What is chauvinism?

The first time I came across this term was talking to a “nationalist” who defended himself from not being “chauvinin”, and this is his first characteristic, to deny his behavior, even they know they are wrong.

According to Google, chauvinism is:

“Excessive preference for everything national with contempt of the foreign.”

Excessive, that is the key.

I think we all love our country of origin, we were born there, our family, memories, the problem comes when we overreach and begin to “love” subjective things, when we despise the foreign, acting in a xenophobic manner or when we behave ridiculously only to “magnify” our nation.

But, if I’m a patriot, does that make me chauvinistic?

No, they are totally different attitudes, the patriot wants his country because he was born there, he has a sentimental connection with him, he wants to improve it with his effort and work, he wants to preserve certain values or identity as a nation but with a humble posture, It doesn’t lend itself to sensationalist and subjective arguments, respects other nationalities, learns and acquires all the culture and knowledge that it can with respect.

The chauvinist only criticizes, despises and hates, has a malicious envy and does not know respect towards people outside his country. Examples of this? The constant territorial disputes in Latin America to name one, it seems medieval Europe. It is not that this evil “claim” certain territories, the problem begins when citizens are manipulated by politicians and start offenses against their neighbors.


Consequences of chauvinism


You are easy to manipulate

It is not hard to realize that people with this behavior are more docile for politicians who use a populist discourse and demagogue, they let themselves be convinced if they are told that for any reason their country is the best and that’s why they deserve everything that *here, hated group* want to take.

This I think is the main damage caused by chauvinism, has caused wars, genocides, among other regrettable events that could easily have been avoided if we acted using our gray cells to the maximum.


You can not see the real problems

Whether you are chauvinistic or not, the behavior of these affects you, because the media love these issues that only make noise and do not provide any solution.

In this way valuable time is lost debating that our country is very rich, that we should take that wealth, that the fault lies with the exploiters (usually foreigners), instead of asking ourselves: Are we working to the fullest? Am I innovating and giving my best at all times? Is not it the government that is bothering? And carry out actions that are true solutions, not warm water cloths.


Hides a shameful problem of inferiority

An important characteristic of the Spanish-American chauvinist (which I know the most) is that he always criticizes negatively and despises his neighbors, but always says that this or any other country is the best, even without giving it a chance to regional products and services.

This makes me think that there has to be a reason beyond mere admiration for the wealth and success of other countries, as I read recently:

“(…) we see our American compatriot (the continent) as a reflection of ourselves, of our misery, and that is why we reject it.” Source.

Reflecting it, I intuit that this behavior is because we want to deliberately ignore our problems, for the simple laziness of solving them, not because we are lazy but because of the political and social implications that this would bring, as a society, we do not want to assume those consequences.


I hope that my words are useful to you, if you are a chauvinist, change your attitude, otherwise, encourage others to do so, that way you collaborate with a healthy environment, where reason and logic reign.