Gym, expensive and… communist

I like to do things with what is necessary, so as not to waste, the gym which I attend is proof of that. It is not very wide, there is nobody supervising the training, it does not have the best music or the most modern machines, it even has years without being painted, however, it has the necessary equipment and, besides, it was the cheapest in my neighborhood.

It was so cheap, that I would tell the owner a couple of times to raise the price a little because it seemed too little to me –like to buy 4 eggs in a month–. And I say “was”, because after the mustachioed –Maduro– announced the “new” measures, there was an adjustment in the membership, not 100%, not 2000%, but 5000%.

When I arrived and saw that price, I just thought:

Well, Julio, to enjoy the last weeks, then it will be in the park, now 1 STEEM does not even reach me for the gym, because if this is the price here, I cannot imagine the others.

So I went to workout, the training started very well until in some moment I heard someone say:

The bosses have to pay you yes or yes, otherwise, report them and that the gov take away the company so that they are not making money at our ribs.

Who said that turned out to be a worker who recently complained about not getting work, therefore, automatically, as a reflection, I said:

If they don’t have companies, where will you work? How will you feed your family? Where will you find the products that he produces?

He looked at me and said something like:

Well, anyway, we cannot be worse.

Can we be worse? I do not know, I think that question is being asked since 2002 and, everything seems to be getting worse, however, the question continues and everyone seems to fear the answer: yes, we can be worse.




But well, between series and repetitions, the conversation continued, I could not help but be surprised, in how several people believed that the petro exists, that they will win $30/per month, among other things, that is, is it necessary to argue against that? Are those not the same strategies that you have applied for years? Has not it been shown again and again that you cannot trust the government-state?

It seems that these questions were not important, but at what price the flour was going to be now that the government was going to regulate it –for the tenth time–, I got back into the conversation -I could not avoid it- this time I argued:

With what right does the government impose prices on a merchant? Are the products not his property?

To which someone who identified himself as a policeman answers me:

If a seller has the right to sell as he wants, then I have the right to take away the merchandise because I want it.

At that moment I left the conversation, not because of fear of the police, or because they had ruined my expensive training, but because I felt stupid. These people did not think, they only felt, so if they don’t think; they don’t exist; therefore, I was talking to the wall, which is -without a doubt- a waste of time.

Although in reality, I do not know why I was surprised, sometimes I feel that I live alone in the city, is there anyone who thinks here? Is there anyone who knows that entrepreneurship and making money is not immoral? Is there anyone else who tries to be a rational selfish? Selfish with ethics, free, without sacrificing anyone or sacrificing for anyone.




I do not know, I do not think so, so to be a little calmer I came to YouTube and saw a couple of speeches by Bernie Sanders, to remind me that the only fools are not in Spanish America.