Identity for a dream

Obtaining an identity document in one of the most –I do not know what adjective to use, there are so many…– bureaucracies in the world is an odyssey, not only because of the long wait –which is common in some countries– or the bad treatment of public employees but because of the simple impossibility of doing so.

From the most basic –identification card– to a passport, there is no material, there is no system, and there are no offices, in short, a series of excuses that limit the “right to identity”. This is a great inconvenience since, for any bureaucratic procedure, documents are necessary.

In my case, I had two years waiting to get my passport, after paying managers, bribing a couple of public officials, among other illicitly necessary activities, I could get my document, you can imagine how happy I was, I do not even have an identity card, therefore, it is a great burden that I took off me.



Leave? Some time ago I made the decision, however, now I think: What will I do? I have always had a clear vision of what I was going to do since I was at school; I knew that I would dedicate myself to the industrial sector –in one way or another–, that I would be an important element in updating the Venezuelan industrial park to be able to compete in the world market.

I had plans to entrepreneur a startup in the university, it was relatively simple, but was going to be very useful to obtain the necessary experience in the electronic area. When I was making the plans, I was surprised that in a small university there are the necessary knowledge and technologies to make equipment that, for the most part, is imported.

Of course, those are very cheap, but with work and research, prices could be reduced so as not to have to import them. But hey, I’m digressing…



Anyway, I had everything very well planned, I was doing some MOOC courses, I read a lot about the topics related to my future company; until I realized that this would not be profitable, not because of the idea, but because of the circumstances.

But that is another matter, the truth is that: Did the communists steal my dreams? Because that’s the real question, did they beat me? I do not know about you, but my answer is: NO!

When I decided to put those plans aside, it was not because circumstances will force me, no, I’m too proud for that, I just cannot let outsiders have power over my future. My dreams continue, only now they will take a path I had not thought of years ago.




The same thing happened when I decided that I would have to leave, it could not be that I had bowed to a group of slavers, no, I had to find a logical, coherent reason, with which I could make a decision for myself. That’s when I said: Why stay?

Not for simple chauvinism and “love of my country”, because for me, a country is not the territory, the resources, the state, no, a country are fundamental principles and values, that people decide to follow freely. In this case, I could not stay for “my country”, all my values seem to be contrary to his, there must be another reason.

The people? Well, I love my family, my girlfriend, I only have a couple of friends, but I usually have antipathy to the others, there are few people here who have virtues to be admired, therefore, the people are not enough reason.




Then, I realized, that I am like a foreigner, maybe that’s why I almost never feel in my place, I am against the majority, I usually declare opinions that seem very unpopular in any place that I am, there are issues that, although everyone sees it as normal, are immoral to me and, there are many things that I see as correct that most people think is wrong.

That’s when I said to myself: you have to get your balls out and look for your place in the world. And well, that’s what we are in, maybe I’ll never find it, maybe I’m wrong, but I will not live to see how others trample my freedom in exchange for food and money.