Satan speaks with me

No, I’m not going crazy or I’m inventing mad things, it’s very serious. Satan has been talking and speaking me for a long time, but it has been since last year –with more intensity in the last month– that he has been very insistent, although I always manage to push it away.

You see, I am one of those who don’t see Satan as an ugly thing with horns, full of fire and smelly to brimstone, no, it would be impractical, I’ve always been sure that his presence is the most convincing and speaks appealing to the heart and the “feelings”.

That is why I’ve concluded, that he talks to me all the time, he wants to convince me, but thank God for giving me the ability to reason, so I haven’t fallen into any of his dirty tricks.

But Julio, what does he say?

Something very simple, this has been going around the country for a while, silent, but deadly, capable of taking your freedom with the push of a button, He tells me:

Take out your homeland’s card –Carnet de la patria

(In case you do not know, the “carnet de la patria” is an identity document introduced by the socialist government to regulate the delivery of food and money by the state, paying people for voting, belonging to the gov-party, having a disability, not having a job, being a student, among other things. It’s the Venezuelan Universal Basic Income…)




Not only tells, but tempts me with it, free money, he prattles, however, I know that his money isn’t free, but it is the most expensive in the world, costs tremendous inflation, plus it isn’t money at all, because it isn’t based on wealth, innovation or work, but on simple laziness and despotism.

A little extra money, it isn’t harmful, anyway, if you don’t take it, another will steal it, therefore, the most honest thing is that you make it yours.

Of course, he knows me, knows that I won’t fall with mere millions or boxes of food, he tempts me with matters of more importance to me, like trying to convince me that if I don’t process the diabolical card, I will lack an identity document, therefore, my life will be very difficult.

Did you know that they suspended the processing of identity cards at the national level? It must be because the carnet de la patria will be the new card, take it out quickly, if you want I do you the favor and you won’t queue. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Or something more important, education. Apparently, I won’t be able to study or draw any similar document unless it has “his mark”, so that, in order not to lose all the time, invested so far, I must have the carnet and avoid problems later. Thank God I have internet for education, the titles and others are invalid under those conditions.

If you want to graduate or, you want to apostille your documents, you must have the carnet; otherwise, you will have lost your time.

But one of the moments that even made me think about it, was when he told me that I could not take my passport without having the piece of plastic, how would I do then? Well, I decided it was better to be “illegal” than to have that horrible mark.

I went today to withdraw it and they asked for my carnet, there was someone who was returned for that.


The mark of the beast. I’m joking… Source.


It is not that he speaks to me through radio and television, but that he does it through friends and family, trustworthy people, in whom I believe, but who fell into the jaws of the communist virus.

And you, by how much do you sell your soul? I offer you 2 STEEM and I’m risking … –This offer isn’t valid if you are leftist, in that case, you haven’t soul LOL–